The world is full of stressors that can lead to burnout. Whether that actually happens is up to you, by how you deal with these stressors. We help to prevent burnout from happening, making specific vulnerabilities visible and focus on reducing the impact.




An increasingly dynamic society takes its toll. Complot theories, corona-stress and climate change. Has the collective pressure grown that much? Is the 'peer-pressure' too big? Social media to predominant? Has loneliness struck or is just everything against you lately? 


“Burnout can happen to you, if you avoid being yourself for too long."



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There are some misunderstandings about burnout. Like 'it's the weakest whom it effects most', 'the cause is work- or education pressure' and 'it's a disease from which you can recover with treatment and medication'. Not so much. It's the other way around.


"Sometimes it's difficult to find happiness within yourself, but it's impossible to find it anywhere else" 

- Arthur Schopenhauer -


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Nearly a million people in NL are at risk for a burnout on a yearly basis. And that was before the corona pandemic. The chance that this number grows rapidly is real. Especially for younger people. Lack of social contacts and perspective. Feelings of powerlessness and emptiness.

 “People who say 'I can' and people who say 'I can't' are both right" 

- Confucius -


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Is there a business case? Yes there is, a very strong one. The average cost of one burnout case for an organisation is substantial: € 133.000 (TNO). And the investment needed for burnout prevention is relatively limited: € 5.000 per employee with a high burnout-sensitivity. So, a clear no-brainer in financial sense. But there is another dimension that's even more important: people and society wellbeing.


Burnout-prevention is not used a lot strategically yet and the question is why. Because we see it as a chance not to be missed for the stimulation of a healthy organisation and good employership.


Our solution is radically different, it's concrete and result oriented. From burnout-awareness to burnout-prevention coaching to sustainably decrease the sensitivity for burnout and put happiness and succes first. A win-win for people and organisations.



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Burnout-prevention coaching


Together we analyse your unconscious inner patterns and the possible interventions to comprehend and leverage effective coping-mechanisms. This will let you deal with stressors in a more comfortable way, without losing your energy. The length and duration of this coaching program varies from 1 to 3 months with 3 to 6 coaching sessions. 








We are proud of our unique burnout-prevention approach. Because with that, we can fulfil our purpose, mission, just cause or bhag: making the world a little bit better. By preventing people to suffer from something that really damages. We published this whitepaper together with myHBMcenter and it gives you our view on the importance of burnout-prevention and how to do it. There are 7 recognizable burnout-stories of publicly known people described. Also the backgrounds of the TNO Labour and Zilveren Kruis healthcare insurance research are highlighted. And of course our pragmatic approach with the different burnout-types, based on the groundbreaking research of myHBMcenter.  


Interested? Just ask for your copy of the white paper by sending an email to


Burnout-awareness debriefing


An enlightening conversation with an accredited burnout-prevention coach. The detailed report of the burnout-measurement is explained, which gives insight in the personal profile ánd the personal burnout-sensitivity, the burnout-chance, the relevant burnout-types and their visibility. And we coach you how to use these insights and get started.


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Organisational approach


Insight in the burnout-sensitivity risk groups of your employees supports the HR department with determining the effective burnout-prevention approach. When for example 20% of the employees are in the risk category 'action required', the HR department can pro-actively offer burnout-prevention coaching to this group.




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Authentic empowerment: burnout-prevention leveraging your natural talents.



Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world
Joel Barker