Study choice 12-18 years


The junior competence measurement has been developed especially for this age group. With language that connects. What do you like? What are you good at? What annoys you? What do you have to put a lot of effort in? Making a choice for an educational path in secondary education, selecting or leaving out of certain subjects, are decisive for your future and possibilities for what you are going to do after that. So it better be good!

Study choice from 18 years


You want to go to university and are just not certain enough yet after secondary education what is the right path to choose for you. Economics, engineering, social studies, medicine, languages, history or geography? What have you got in mind for yourself and what really fits to your natural talents? Make sure you choose an educational path, that is really of interest to you and what you do effortless. You only go to university once. If it fits, it's so much more enjoyable!

Career choice


The best you can become is: yourself! After finalizing your educational path, your career commences. In which a lot is going to be asked from you and the more that it fits to your talents, the more fun and the more successful you will be at it. Consciously knowing that from there you will have a good starting position to realize your ambitions and build the career you have in mind for yourself!


When you're finished changing, you're finished
Benjamin Franklin