There is a difference between listening and waiting for your time to speak
Simon Sinek


NEWS: youth campaign!


Together with myHBMcenter we support our youth by offering schools and students to use our youth talent-analysis for free (age 16-25 years), including an online dialogue to discuss the results of the analysis and help students gain self-insight in what they are naturally good at!


Interested? Write to We have limited availability, valid from 1st of April till end of September 2021.


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La visione di un sogno: the vision of a dream




Online COVID-19 proof coaching, don't hesitate to set up a meeting!



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Coaching, especially now! A positive side-effect of the Corona crisis is that we have learned even faster to work online. And to experience that we can do much more then we thought we could before. In our practice we have substantial experience with online coaching, for example using Teams or Zoom. 


"Further away, but closer then ever"


Intake, online competence-measurement and debriefing with one of our accredited coaches, followed by more deep and thorough analytical coaching sessions and intervention dialogues. To empower you to make meaningful progress in your personal development, which is now even more needed then 'normal'.



Interested? Mailto, you are most welcome!




Our teamcoaching is also online!


Online teamcoaching, leveraging the possibilities of modern technology, using working methods that are inspring and interactive. Our experience is that with the right preparation online teamcoaching can be very succesful. For instance by using Breakout-rooms and to always start with a proper Check-in.


"Not close, but strongly together"


In between assignements in groups, plenary discussions, a sense for the human factor and needs. Integrating the chat function to make it even more interactive by hosting the sessions with 2 hosts. To come together as a team in these special times, for the development of the team as a whole, is greatly needed.



Also want to grow as a team? Mailto, you are most welcome!







Quality and professionalism are important values to us. Therefore we are a member of the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches (NOBCO). As a working community we actively meet on a frequent basis (currently online) to learn from each other and demonstrate intervision on different levels. We are compliant with the  permanent education demands of our suppliers.




The working communicty has 20 ACT accredited professionals, some of them specialized in working with youth, burnout-prevention and/or  teamdevelopment. We work closely together with myHBMcenter which you can see in our joint whitepaper on burnout-prevention and our joint effort to empower the youth and education, on which we will soon release our next whitepaper. Request your copy of our whitepapers? Mailto



ODIN-paard-100px.pngThe working community has 19 certified ODC© professionals who all are experienced coach and/or therapist or specialized in teamcoaching, leadership development or matching & selection. We have a long professional relationship with ODIN Company and enable our working community members to use the full ODC portfolio.